SubPac M2 Wearable Physical Sound System


  • SubPac M2 makes things you enjoy far more exciting and immersive.
  • SubPac M2 works with the gear and devices you already have.
  • Innovative design allows for in-home or active use. Rechargeable Battery: 10.8V, 2300mAh Li-ion battery
  • Technology used by audio professionals in games, movies & music.
  • Dimensions: 17”x12”x1.5” (43cmx30cmx4cm)
  • Refer user manual below.

SUBPAC M2 is a transformative wearable audio technology that converts sound into high fidelity vibrations you can feel. Sound pulses through your body with Music, Gaming & VR, creating a fully immersive experience.

A Transformative Experience

SUBPAC immerses you in sound through proprietary technology and vibrotactile materials that comfortably contours to your body. SUBPAC is high fidelity audio, giving you the most immersive personal media experience, everywhere.

Designed for Professionals, Made for You

SUBPAC is used by thousands of audio and VR professionals to add a heightened level of immersion, impact and awareness. Partners include many world-class music producers including Timbaland, Google tech legend Andy Rubin, NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony.

SUBPAC is the missing link between just hearing, and being fully immersed in sound, and is silent to the outside world.

SUBPAC is a trusted production & audio monitoring tool that gives you a deeper, highly accurate connection to your creation. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

An integral part of every VR seated setup, SUBPAC S2 delivers the full-body immersion VR demands, bringing your body into the virtual realm in a truly immersive and impactful way.

SUBPAC’s revolutionary new sensory experience empowers gamers to perform better (quicker reaction times), pro athletes to train harder, and music lovers to gain a deeper connection to their passion.


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